Aravind  K M

Head Boy for PUC Master Aravind K.M, Son of MallikarjunaSwamy K and Mrs. Girija, Aravind has excellent acting skills and says “failure will never be an option if my grit to succeed is strong enough”


Annapurnesheshwari O

Head Girl for PUC Miss Annapoorneshwari O, daughter of Mr. Onkarappa and Mrs. Nirmala, Annapoorneswari is a hardworking student and also a very good basketball player. She even lead our school as head girl in her class X. She firmly believes”You don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to trust yourself,  stay composed and optimistic for favorable outcomes”



Abhishek A H

Here we have our school Head boy Master Abhishek A Hosamani, son of Mr. Amaresh Hosamani and Mrs.Nirmala Hosamani, Abhishek is a good cricket player and a RajyaPuraskar awardee in Scouts. He believes in the words “ If  you believe you can, you are half way through”


Amulya B M

Head girl Miss Amulya B M is multitalented and obedient. Moreover she took part in Rangamancha Inter-school drama competition and won many awards. She believes in the words “ self confidance is the first requisite to great undertaking”



Prajwal H P

Gandhi House Head boy Prajwal H P, Son of Mr.Paramesh and Mrs. Roopa. Prajwal is very good athlete and obedient child who believe “ a man with courage makes majority


Harshini V K

Gandhi house head girl Miss Harshini V K, Daughter of Mr. Vadlapudi Kumar and Mrs. Poornima D V. Harshini is a hardworking, ambitious student and was part of our Guides troop. She believes “ Always do your best. What you plan now, you will harvest later.



Rohan R

Raman House head boy Master Rohan R, Son of Mr. Rajkumar G and MrsVishalakshi. Rohan is a humble child, good piano player who believes, “ the only way to do great work is to love what you do”


Priyadarshini M C

Raman house Head Girl Miss Priyadarshini M C, daughter of Mr. Manikandan and Mrs.Kalaivani Chetti. Priyadarshini is a good swimmer and an athlete. She believes in, “The willpower to win, the yearning to succeed, and the impulse to reach your full potential are doorways to personal excellence”.



Yashwant V Y

Tagore Hous Head boy Master V Y Yashwanth, Son of Veeresh and MrsKusuma. Yashwanth is good football player, swimmer and an athlete. He Believes that  If you can dream then you can achieve it and You will get all what you want in life.


Zainab Khan  

Tagore House Head girl Zainab Khan, daughter of Mr. VijayKumar and Mrs.KhursheedaBanu. Zainab is a very good swimmer and a meritorious student who strongly believes in the words” Take chances, Make mistakes,  that’s how you grow.Pain nourishes your courage.



Shashank H M

Vinobha House Head boy Master Shashank H M, Son of Mr. Maralasiddapa H R and Mrs. Geetha M T. He is an obedient and a hardworking student. He is also a good football player believing in, “ Happiness often sneaks in through a door you did not know you left open”


Uma Gudimani

Vinobha house Head girl Miss Uma V Gudimani, daughter of Mr. Vivekananda S and Mrs. Parvathi S G. Uma is a good handball player and an active member of school guides troop who took part in the International Jamborite. She believes in the words “ Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.



Shreyas A Shivapuji

Academic head boy Master Shreyas A Shivapuji, son of Mr. Anand Shivapuji and Mrs. Usha Shivapuji. Shreyas is a cautious and an active student, who is excellent in studies and even a good orator. He sincerely believes in “ Nothing in the world can stop you from letting go and starting over.


AditiSharanya R

Our Academic Head girl Miss AdithiSharanya R, daughter of Mr. Ramesh and Mrs. Rajeswari.Adithi is a delightful student who humbly believes in the words “ Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”



Krishna S M

School cultural head boy Master Krishna S M, son of Sanjay Mahendrakar and Mrs.Gayathri. He is not only good in academics but also is a good dancer and an artist. He says “ Skill is nil, without Will”


Jeevitha R

The cultural Head girl Miss Jeevitha R, daughter of Mr. Ramachandran K N and Mrs. Vani T P, Jeevitha is an excellent Singer and a meritorious student. She strongly believes that  Every man is an architect of his own future”


Ganesh S

Ganesh S , Son of Mr Shivakumar S C and Mrs Preethi S is an excellent Basketball player and he loves reading books. Also believes in the words “ Nothing is impossible as the word itself says I am possible.

Aiman Fathima

Aiman Fathima, daughter of Mr Fairoz Khan and Mrs. Reshmabanu .She is a very obedient student who is good in academics. She is a very good artist, who says ” things do not happen, things are made to happen”

K Lohit Reddy

Master K Lohit Reddy Son of Mr. Hemachandra and Mrs. Swapna. He is an obedient and hardworking student. He is a very good cricketer and volleyball player, who believes “Hard work is the key to success.

Aishwarya S

Aishwarya S daughter of Mr. Shivakumar and Mrs. Amrutha S. She is good singer and an active member of the schools guides troop which took part in the International Jamborite held at Mysore. She believes in the words “Great thoughts reduce to practice become great acts”.

Suprit S Khemalapure

Suprit S Khemalapure Son of Mr. Sanjay R Khemalapure He is a sincere and a meritorious child. He says “ We cant help everyone but everyone can help someone.

Arpitha P Angadi

Arpitha P Angadi daughter of Mr. Prakash C Angadi and Mrs. Manjula P Angadi. She is an excellent Singer and an member of school guides troop which took part in the International Jamborite held at Mysore and believes” Happiness depends on what you can give not on what you can get.

Tarun A S

Master Tarun A S son of Mr. Srinivas MrsHemalatha. Tarun is a well mannered, obedient and disciplined student. He says  “ The only person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Harini M P

Harini M P daughter of Mr. Hanumanthappa P and Mrs. Kavitha P is an assertive and a pleasant student with good acting skills. She is a good dancer and swimmer and loves to read books. She believe “ Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt.

K R Abhishek

Master K R Abhishek son of Mr.Ramesh K and Mrs. Eramma K. He is a Hardworking, disciplined student and a  good football player  who represented our school in many tournaments. He firmly believes in the words “ If you can dream, you can achieve it”.

Sanjana  B. D.

Sanjana  B. D. daughter of B.S. Devendrappa and Mrs. H.N.Aparna. She is a delightful student and believes in being honest and in being punctual. She says,”laugh at your mistakes and praise yourself for learning from them”.

Siddarth B G

Master Siddarth B G son of Mr. Girijesh B V and Mrs .Sheela K T. Siddarth is an  obedient , hardworking child and has good acting skills.He believes that Today is new beginning , a chance to turn your failures into achievements and your sorrows into happiness”.

Varshadeep I A

Miss Varshadeep I A daughter of Mr I AAkashdeep and Mrs. HemaAkashdeep. She is a obedient student, good singer and was part of our school guides troop, she believes “ Patience is the root and guardian of all virtues

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