Parvathamma shammanur shiva shankarappa residential school in Davangere is be one of the Top residential schools in davangere with high-quality academics and robust campus for students. Pssemr being top residential school students are required  to follow certain criteria as mentioned below:

Eligibility Criteria

    Terms and condition

  1. The enrolled student(s) being offered a place by the Admission Committee of PSSEMR, for the purpose of education at the request of the Parent/Legal Guardian shall pay a visit to the school regularly and promptly pay the fees whenever called upon to do so
  2. That the Dean/Principal can at any time in the interest of the school ,have the student removed if it is in the Dean or Principal’s sole discretion, the student has failed to accept the disciple of the school and his/her continued presence is detrimental to the other students and/or the students fails to come up to the academic standard of his/her grade/class, and when detention in the same grade/class would make the student too old of his/her grade/class
  3. That no fees, partial or full will be refunded if a student is withdrawn or required to leave the school during the academic year
  4. That the school requires three-month notice or three-month fees, if a student is withdrawn before the closure of the academic year
  5. That a student must remain good standing in so far as moral conduct behavioural is concerned
  6. That the school will not be accountable for any damages/charges as a result of injury, fatal or otherwise, which may be borne by the student, at all time during his/her schooling, while taking part in studies, extra-curricularactivities &sports or any other forms of activities in the school premises.All expenditures that may be incurred in the treatment of such injuries will be borne by the parents or legal guardian.
  7. That the school is not responsible under circumstances of Animal attacks/snake bites, natural calamities and fire accidents etc. but utmost safety measures and first aid ismade available at all times.
  8. That any other changes in these policies or other that duly determined by the school administration and communicated hereafter will be understood to become a part of school policy
  9. That if there is any dispute as to the effect or meaning of the above facts, the same shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the Board of Management, PSSEMR school whose decision will be final and binding upon the parties.
  10. That if any case if filed against the school it shall be done solely within the territorial jurisdiction of the District Court within which PSSEMR school,Shivagangotri, Tolahunse Davangere-577002 is situated
  11. I promise to abide by the rules, regulation, and order of school management and CBSE board. I hereby agree to undergo the NCC/Scout/Physical Cultural training prescribed by the school during the period of my stay in the school. I promise to be friendly with all the students in the school and the hostel during my stay in the schools(for students)
  12. I shall be solely responsible for the character and conduct of my ward during the stay in the school career and my ward may be dismissed/suspended, if he/she misbehaves with the staff members.
  13. Diseases like Asthma, Epilepsy, if present in the child are to be informed by the parents during the time of admission.

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