The PSSEMR School focuses on the process of experiential learning with guided reflection for a heightened self-awareness. We design and conduct customized development programs to provide individual and group assessments and follow up with remedial follow-up training.ofou
The fundamental ideals of our school curriculum derive its power, by keeping up with the trends in 21st century and educational transformations across the globe. One of the basic aims of education is to nurture the learner’s mind and strong value-driven character, which helps the student in the progression of his/her career motive.

The School offers the Syllabi
CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education
IGCSE: International General Certificate of Secondary Education
PUC: State Board


PSSEMR School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education which is Nationalized Education board of Government .The School follows NCERT Syllabus from 6-10.The CBSE Board conducts the Std. X exams annually.


Children at this phase step into a new atmosphere of education to whom school is their new home and we ensure they feel welcomed warmly to learn new things and secure their bright future by grooming them at an early age to become good citizens of this country. Their pedagogy is learnt by doing.


Students at this phase are freshly exposed to new concepts of education through which their intellect and creativity are garnered.Hands-on and immersive method ofteaching is adopted; Personality and skill development is given more prominence at this stage. The subjects offered at this level are English communicative, Hindi course B, Kannada, Sanskrit(II Lang), Hindi, Kannada, (III Lang from V onwards)  Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Art & Craft, Music, Dance and Physical education. Life skill and Co Curricular activities inculcate high spirit, healthy competition and moral values among the students. Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation is adopted at this stage as per CBSE instruction on 5 scale grading system.


At this phase of education, students are equipped with abundant knowledge to identify their strengths and weaknesses while exposing them to various challenges in academics and sports. Shift is towards experimental and collaborative learning. The subjects offered at this stage are English communicative, Hindi course B, Kannada, Sanskrit (II Lang), Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit (III Lang) Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Dance and music, Art and craft, Physical education etc. Life skills along with Co-Curricular activities inculcate competitive spirit among the students. Continuous comprehensive valuation is carried out on 7 point grading scale as per CBSE guidelines.

English II Language III Language (V to VIII)
Mathematics Hindi Hindi
Science Kannada Kannada
Social Science Sanskrit Sanskrit
Computer Science
Art & Craft
Music and Dance


At this phase students are encouraged to be self directed, self reliant, resourceful and confident. The curriculum is more comprehensive at this stage. The subjects offered at this level are English communicative, Hindi course B, Kannada, and Sanskrit (II Lang), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Art &Craft, Music, dance, and physical education. Along with academics life skill and co-curricular activities supplement the curriculum which gives the students an opportunity to ascertain their talents in various fields. The evaluation is strictly as per Board guidelines on 9 scale grading.

Foundation Courses

An early start is key to success. Our Foundation courses are designed to give your ward a chance to withstand the ever increasing competition. There is a common notion among parents that an entrance exam preparation at early stages to prepare students for various university entrance exams but

Competitive Exam is to practice time management

  • To learn the art of taking calculated risk
  • To develop creative thinking
  • To develop competitive spirit
  • To have concentration as and when required
  • To develop leadership quality

Further The students of VIII, IX and X classes face several objective tests like NTSE/Olympiads etc. Our Program is tailor made for all these.


  • The main motive of the program is to endow clarity in concepts & learn to solve problems.
  • This program is of three years and the objectives of the program is as follows;
  • Strong foundation to the board syllabus.
  • Additional inputs in core subjects
  • Provide complete support for exams like NTSE, Olympiad along with regular studies.
  • Enhance skills like observation, comprehension, analytical and mathematical reasoning.
  • Inculcate analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

How different is our program?

  • Performance Driven Academics: Many IIT/NIT entrants in the last 20 years of our services.
  • Methodology: Teaching is logic and analytics driven.
  • Positive Academic Environment: motivated student group, Pioneer teachers and support,vibrant academicenvironment.
  • Course content: content is specific, understandable and rich in concept and application.
  • Added Learning Support: Beyond schoolroomteaching, we also provide training to the following: productive study techniques, Problem elucidating methods, emotional intelligence abilities,and stress & time management skills.


Class IX Foundation:Enhancing Concepts& Focused on Problem Solving.

Students moving up into Class IX, it is time for you to set sights on excelling in Class X board exams. And it is time as well to start looking at the bigger picture of career options.You need to set your goals and set them high. May be you wish to pursue B.Tech at an IIT or NIT or other engineering colleges or you plan to study outside your country or you wish to study medicine Or even pursue pure sciences. What is important at this stage is to have a dream and begin to pursue it. Whatever the dream, in today’s competitive world, the future belongs to the best. Hence you need to start working on your set goals. NOW!

The Foundation program goes hand-in-hand with the regular studies,it provides additional inputs in core subjects. This enablesthe students to prepare systematically and helps them in being successful in highly competitive exams like IIT-JEE, Olympiads etc. The program renders analytical thinking habits and brings home the importance of innovation in learning and problem solving.

  • Course content: content is specific, understandable and rich in concept and application.
  • Subjects taught include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. In addition, the program offers a complete course on enhancing mental abilities. The curriculum has been designed as per State Syllabus, ICSE and CBSE standards.
  • Printed Courseware: Enhanced materials, worksheets will be provided for all the subjects in the program. Which contains adequate worked examples and practice exercises.
  • Interactive Sessions: Each classroom session is planned to be interactive and is supported by multimedia presentation. Training will be imparted by our highly trained faculty members, who are fully aware of the expected performance levels of different competitive examinations.

Course Structure:

  • The training schedule is designed for convenience
  • Aligned to Board Curriculum
  • Periodic tests will be conducted to evaluate learning
  • Seminars:To facilitate self-learning, seminars will be conducted all through the year.
  • Scholarships: Scholarships will be awarded to students who excel in the Foundation program and later pursue training programs at SMEC at +2 level.

Grade X – IIT-JEE / NEET & NTSE / Olympiad

The Foundation program for X standard is a 1-year value-add program.

Program objectives include:

  • Strengthen Concepts in science & Maths of Xth CBSE for Board exams.
  • Support the systematic studies by imparting additional efforts in core subjects.
  • Provide complete support for exams like NTSE, Olympiad along with regular studies as it forms the basis for any objective exams.
  • Enhance learning skills – like attentiveness, grasping power, mathematical & analytical reasoning
  • Provide advanced training for competitive exams by inculcating analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

What is different about our training?

  • Performance Driven Academics: We aim to help more students to get into IITs, NITs and other reputed institutions/Universities in engineering, medicine and pure sciences, year after year.
  • Methodology: training focuses on the process and logic of problem solving. This is the key takeaway from our course. It stays for life.
  • Positive Academic Environment: motivated student group, Pioneer teachers and support,vibrant academic environment.
  • Course content: content is specific, understandable and rich in conceptand application.
  • Additional Learning Support: Beyond classroom teaching, we provide a window to the following: Effective study techniques, Problem solving methods, Soft skills and also time management skills.

Competitive exams for CBSE students:
NCO – –
KO –

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Cambridge IGCSE is the most sought-after international qualification .It is recognized by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success.The IGCSE readies students for advanced academic studies, including progression to A Level and BTEC Level 3 study, Cambridge Pre-U, IB Diploma program and other equivalent academic programs.

  • The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum is carried out by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). This program is offered for grades 6 to10 and concludes in an examination for IGCSE Certification, equivalent with any secondary school certificate.
  • The IGCSE exams are conducted annually in the months of February, May and October.
  • Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests have been designed to assess learners at the end of Cambridge Lower Secondary.


SAT EXAMS:The SAT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions.

PISA :Programme for International Student Assessment is a worldwide studymeasures how well students apply their knowledge and skills in solving problems in science, reading, mathematics, financial literacy, and collaborative problem solving.

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Pre-university (PUC) provides a prospect for the students to be in the company of concurrent, outperforming students.Our School offers the combination of PCMB, PCMC and provides integrated coaching for IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET and CET along with PUclasses at the campus.

  1. Excellent Courses: relevant and rigorous courses to keep ahead in the race.
  2. Experienced & Best Faculty Team: Highly qualified and experienced faculty who provide Indiscriminating teaching irrespective of your performance & efficiency exploring your full potential.
  3. Result-oriented Teaching Methodology:Interactive classes with scientific and result oriented teaching methodology.
  4. Relevant & Structured Study Material: Well researched study material.
  5. Regular Assessment and Performance Analysis.
  6. Excellent Infrastructure.
  7. Success Record: Excellent track record of excellence for 20 years not just here but also in our sister concerns. SMEC Labs has trained and skilled over 68000 Students making them industry ready.
  8. Academic Control: Timely completion of course without compromising on quality of teaching.
  9. Timely Communication:Facilities like attendance and test score reporting through SMS, e-Mail and Online Student-Parent Corner.
  10. Supportive environment.
  11. Extended Academic Support:Full academic support even outside the classes through regular Problem Solving sessions, Individual Counselling & Seminars etc.

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  • Fully digitised Class rooms
  • Automated College campus through ERP
  • WiFi Enabled campus
  • Regular Training and Preparation for Competitive Examinations.
  • JEE Mains & Advanced / NEET Level Preparations
  • Experienced Faculties with Relevant background of competitive examinations.
  • Reduced batch strength for Personalized attention
  • Updated Course Material as per current Syllabus and Competitive Exam Pattern
  • Excellence Classes / Doubt Clearance Sessions & Remedial Classes after each chapter
  • Weekly tests on board pattern and Competitive Pattern.
  • Regular feedback on Wards Performance, attendance relevant information updated on the website
  • Performance analysis and counselling of the child in weekly tests
  • More than 100 cameras for strict surveillance
  • Excellent hostel and Hygienic kitchen to serve high quality food
  • Technical courses like Robotics, Cyber Security etc.
  • Ultramodern laboratories with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment enrich
  • the learning process and make winners of every student.
  • Well prepared playground, Badminton court, Gymnasium and Swimming pool etc.

Error Analysis:

Comprehensive error analysis to detect the gaps in understanding of the child and teaching of the lecturer will be made available to both teachers and students and appropriate remediation will be taken place week after week.

Different analysis will include:

  1. Competency Analytics: How strong am I in conceptual knowledge and application?
  2. How Prepared am I to face any competitive exam?
  3. Comparative Analytics: How am I when compared to my nationwide competition?
  4. Is my Answering pattern aligned to my goal?
  5. Behavioral Analytics: Am I losing marks due to negative marking?
  6. Time Management: How best am I managing my time during the exam?
  7. Distractor Analytics: How do I uncover my error traps and get better?
  8. Exam Strategy: How do I improve and reach my goal?


  • Single Track two phased System:
  • Phase ONE: Teaching By SUBJECT EXPERTS for Board level Preparations,
  • This forms the basis for Competitive / entrance exam preparation.
  • Phase Two: Preparation for Competitive exams,
  • Strong Micro Schedule
  • A Meticulous, Planned and Organized Schedule which Lists all the Topics for each and every subject to be taught,
  • broken down to the micro level of period wise, Day wise schedule for the Whole Academic Session well in advance.
  • Phase One Compliments Phase two on every count for the smooth flow of both Board and competitive Preparations
  • with utmost correlation among the two; Hence making the learning process hassle free and conducive from the
  • Students point of view.


Career Counselor

Deepak Patil

In today’s age there are many career options after 10th & 12th. However they Opt for courses which are more popular or they select courses as per what their parents wish them to make M majority of the students select engineering or medical or CA courses, whether due to parental pressure or the peer influence, But later they realize that they are not fit for that chosen career. It is high time for students and specially the parents to realize that not every students is cutout to be a doctor or an engineer.

It’s mainly for this reason PSSEMR offers many important resources & Services to support our students career development journey. We are work with our students to help them define what success means to them. Remember to be open minded as our students considers and reconsiders the vision for their future.

In this program we will mainly focus on :

  • Students aptitude & Interests.
  • Their Strengths & Weakness.
  • Making choice of particular stream of interest in education after grade 10th & 12th
  • Career options available in the market as per their academic choice.

Shantkumar V Puranikmath

The school counseling at PSSEMRS is geared toward meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of all students. This developmental and preventative program focuses on helping students achieve academic and personal success through a variety of guidance activities. In attempt Services include classroom guidance lessons which address broad developmental topics (self-esteem, social skills, problem-solving skills, career awareness, etc.). Individual counseling is available for students who have specific needs.  Counselling referrals may be received from students, teachers, parents/ guardians, or peers. Another service that is offered through the counseling department is small group counseling. Students who will benefit from small group counseling are those students that share concerns that are similar to others (i.e.- children of divorce, grief groups, assertiveness training groups, anger management groups, etc.). Small groups offer students the opportunity to share experiences with others, have support, and learn from students who are dealing with similar issues. All students can learn from counseling activities and can benefit from active participation.  The school counselor is available for consultation or individual appointments to discuss your child’s needs or concerns. Additionally, parent education and support groups  will be offered this year.  we look forward to working with your child this year and meeting with you in the future.

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